Sage People HR Portal Lightning Experience

If you haven’t made the switch to Lightning, we highly recommend migrating as soon as possible. The Sage People application is now Lightning-ready, as per the updates in the Sage People Spring ’20 release. Once your organisation has been upgraded to the Spring ‘20 release, you can begin your migration to Lightning Experience.

To manage this change, we advise that you consider how you’ll introduce the Lightning Experience to your HR Portal users. A phased approach will certainly work: i.e. let your system admin trial Lightning for a couple of weeks,  before rolling out to the other HR Portal users.

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Online Guides and Instructions

Migrating to Lightning in a Sage People org

Step-by-step instructions for migrating a Sage People org and its users from Classic interface into Lightning. Can be applied to Sandbox or Production and also rolled out in phases by choosing to enable only a subset of profiles.

Time to read: 15 mins

Implementation time: 30 mins

Click here for online guide

General Tips for using Lightning

This section collates some general tips on using Lighting compared to Classic interface. Navigation tips for areas that have moved, new shortcuts and useful new features. Also, links to helpful generic Salesforce content.

Time to read: 10 mins

Implementation time: N/A

Click here for online guide

Known Lightning Issues and Workarounds

Summary of latest known issues and workarounds related to Lightning from Sage People perspective. The Sage People product is Lightning-ready but some minor items remain which can be a major user issue if not known. “Pro tip”: users must disable popup blockers to load WX.

Time to read: 5 mins

Implementation time: N/A

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Using Reports and Dashboards in Lightning

Reports and Dashboards are rewritten entirely for Lightning, and this is the biggest UI impact. This document covers the major differences, a small number of feature retirements and the impact of migrating to Lightning on current reports and dashboards. Most importantly it covers the impact and implementation steps of migrating from report/dashboard scheduling (classic) to report/dashboard subscription (lightning).

Time to read: 30 mins

Implementation time: 30 mins

Lightning Reports and Dashboards

Subscribing others to reports in Lightning