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No installations – no downloads – accessible anywhere, anytime via the cloud

Moorepay is the trusted market leader making payroll & HR easy for UK businesses across all sectors and markets for 50 years. With rich functionality, Moorepay provides easy-to-use, integrated payroll & HR software, supported by flexible services to suit the needs of your business.

A secure web-based tool provides managers with instant access to essential information, on any device. Additionally, the payroll solution provides your employees with access to self-service modules via a secure web-based login, enabling them to carry out a wide range of tasks.

Fully Integrated Solution

The Moorepay HR solution integrates seamlessly with the payroll service, providing one single easy-to-use platform. Alternatively, there are two integration options to third-party applications:

  1. Application Programming Interface (API): Moorepay’s open API allows customers and partners to connect third party software seamlessly.
  2. Flat File Data Exchange: eliminate time consuming double data entry using the powerful import and export capabilities within the Moorepay solution.

Data that can be integrated includes:

Core Employee Data:
Import & export all your employee master data including contract & contact information.

Import all expense claims to be paid on payroll including receipt attachments.

Following your payroll run, export all your data to general ledger files.

Employee Benefit:
Import your employee benefit selection with both permanent and variable payments, export HCM data.

Import and export all timesheet data, including absence & HCM data.

Talent & performance:
Import & export all your training history, memberships and academic qualifications.

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