HR Process Review

As HR process experts we can bridge the gap between technology and people to help put into place effective and efficient HR processes to ensure that your HR systems deliver value and an enhanced employee experience.

Why Undertake an HR Process Review?

Doing a process audit or review can improve efficiencies within your HR department. They help to benchmark your systems and processes against the current best practice so gaps can be identified. They can also clarify HR roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

Increasingly, organisations are using an HR process review as the starting point for migrating to a new cloud-based HR system. The process review exercise is useful as it gives an in-depth understanding of what their system requirements are (and will be in the future) and how they can improve the way they work and reduce HR operating costs before the vendor selection or implementation even starts. Consider asking these questions:

  • Why are you doing this process and what is the underlying business goal?
  • Are you achieving that goal?
  • Is there a better way to do this or how else could you achieve this goal?

Also, the process review provides a useful opportunity to question the status quo in a ‘safe’, non-judgemental manner, especially when it is managed by an external, neutral consultant. Even if your current HR processes seem to be working, it is good to question why things are done a certain way. Invariably, we find that there is room for improvement.

Expert HR Process Consultants

As HR Process Consultants, we believe that to deliver value the HR function needs to spend more time on their people element, and less time on administrative and compliance activities. However, automating administrative processes alone is not enough. Instead, organisations need to streamline processes, and this often means tweaking or redesigning them to get the most from any HR system.

Since 2012 Tugela People have done numerous process reviews for mid-range organisations that employ between 250 and 10 000 staff.  Our team of highly experienced consultants uniquely combine process, HR and technical expertise to deliver process mapping services across the globe.

Our HR Process Review Service includes:

  • Meeting with key decision makers to determine desired outcomes
  • Process mapping to understand current processes and systems being used
  • Identify employee touchpoints and gap analysis

Additionally, we often go on to:

  • Create an HRIS specification and detail automation opportunities
  • Manage the HRIS selection process identifying a shortlist of suitable HRIS vendors.

Our hands-on, proactive approach uses our proven five step project methodology to successfully deliver HR process and employee journey mapping consultancy services to multi-site SME’s from our head office North of London in the UK.

What Next?

To leverage our process mapping consultancy services in your organisation so you can ensure your HR processes are efficient call us on +44(0)1908 030360 , or complete the form below and we will be in touch.

What our Process Mapping Clients Say

“Tugela People has provided invaluable insight into how HR systems work as well as being able to apply HR best practise to the various scenarios that HR people come across in day to day work. Often challenging decisions which need more thought with suggestions and work-arounds. Tugela’s advice and more importantly support they give is excellent, no job is too small and always with a smile.”

Celia Jones, Head of HR, Finance and Admin, UK and Ireland, u-blox Melbourn Ltd