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Tugela People & Talos360 – A Partnership to Streamline the HR Experience

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Tugela People are thrilled to announce our partnership with Talos360 – a UK based provider of intuitive recruitment technology solutions.

The partnership will facilitate even more time-saving integrations for our respective client and customer bases. Talos ATS, Talos360's award-winning talent acquisition suite, gives employers an easier way to attract, manage, hire, and onboard the best talent in their industry.

With the current global trend of the 'great resignation', talent acquisition is high on HR's agenda. Additionally, there has been a distinct shift in power, where individuals have become more selective about roles, company working practices and culture. Therefore, it has become strategically important to ensure that a company's recruitment practices are efficient and encourage applicants to apply for a role and maintain their interest throughout the recruitment process.

Having a talent management solution that can enhance a company's hiring process, with the ability to control and manage every aspect of recruitment, from candidate attraction to onboarding, has become essential.

Combined with Tugela People's current cloud-based HR technology partnerships, solutions and services, this will enable us to deliver a more efficient, 360-degree HR experience to a broader network of employers.

How will the partnership work?

Talent management software has become an essential part of the modern HR toolkit. Through our partnership with Talos360, we can integrate best-in-class recruitment technology into our expanding list of HR technology solutions.

Our present and future customers will have access to even more time-saving tools and automations, ensuring ease and efficiency throughout all of their people management processes and systems.


 Why Tugela People chose Talos360

Thomas Schilling

"We are thrilled to partner with Talos360, a best-in-breed solutions provider for applicant tracking and recruitment. This new partnership will enable Tugela People to enhance their services offerings to existing and new clients, within small and medium businesses, by providing them with a complete talent delivery platform." - Thomas Schilling, Managing Director, Tugela People


Why Talos360 chose Tugela People

Rib Hoyle, Head of Channel and Partnerships at Talos360 . Read more

"We chose to partner with Tugela People as their people-centric approach to business consultancy was a perfect match for ours. Our partnership will create a deep ability to optimise the use of HR technology for our customers." - Rob Hoyle, Head of Channel and Partnerships, Talos360


Find out more

Click here to learn more about the Talos ATS solution, or contact us directly on tel +44(0)1908 030360 or email: info@tugelapeople.com. Alternatively, complete the 'Get in touch' form, and a member of our team will contact you directly.



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