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Sage People HR Portal Lightning Experience: Have you made the switch?

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Lightning Experience is the next generation of the Salesforce platform that aims to deliver a new modern user interface and improved navigation. Salesforce is currently only investing in Lightning, so Sage People has had to move to this platform to ensure that the application is still supported and customers can benefit from the modern look and feel, and upgrade in functionality.

In terms of Sage People, this means that the look and feel of the HR portal will automatically change from the Salesforce Classic to the Lightning Experience interface. There is no deadline to stop using Classic. You can toggle back to Classic at any time, but new features will only be available in Lightning - an incentive to get to grips with the new interface.

It's worth noting that this update does not impact the self-service portal (WX). It only affects the HR portal so employees across the rest of your organisation won't be affected.

If you haven't made the switch to Lightning, we highly recommend migrating as soon as possible. The Sage People application is now Lightning-ready, as per the updates in the Sage People Spring '20 release. Once your organisation has been upgraded to the Spring '20 release, you can begin your migration to Lightning Experience.

To manage this change, we advise that you consider how you'll introduce the Lightning Experience to your HR Portal users. A phased approach will certainly work: i.e. let your system admin trial Lightning for a couple of weeks,  before rolling out to the other HR Portal users.

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