Another Sage People Managed Service Contract Secured

We are pleased to report that the Sage People Managed Service offering we launched last year continues to grow with another contract signed.

This new, multinational leisure sector client needed a full-service offering to ensure that they were maximising their return on their Sage People investment. So, we created a comprehensive, bespoke retained Managed Service package to meet their multilingual requirements. They have over 6,000 employees in branches across Germany, Austria, Croatia, Gibraltar, Colombia and Malta.

New Sage People Managed Service RenataTo this end we are delighted to announce the appointment of Renata Tenorio Boesche, an experienced multilingual HRIS Technical Support Consultant. Renata  is exclusively dedicated to their account and is supporting not only their HR team, but all their end-users as they roll out the system across the business over the next few years.

To find out how we can help manage Sage People, please contact us online or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 today. And we will ensure that your organisation gets the benefit from an efficient, optimised Sage People system.

Sage People Mirny Release Update and Absence Calculator Changes

Sage People has announced details of the new Mirny release which was installed in customer sandboxes in August. FYI the production release will happen in early September and includes the following functionality:

•    Further enhanced performance management
•    Hiring manager portal expansion
•    Internal communication templates
•    Storage of absence balances in standard fields
•    Wave App (pilot)
•    Further enhancements and bug fixes

For more information on these features check out this presentation by the Head of Product Development.

They have also announced that they will be deprecating an old absence feature set with this release.  You may remember in the Victoria release last year September they released several absence enhancements, including the ability to change the order holiday is deducted (from TOIL, carry over, and accrual) and support for carry over with expiry greater than 12 months.  To do so, a new absence calculator was built that could be switched on by customers.  Now this new calculator will be switched on automatically for all customers in the Mirny release.  FYI it is backwards compatible, so you should see no impact, but it is still important to validate in this sandbox release.

If you would like to discuss this Sage People Mirny release – do call us on +44 (0)1327 317 701 or via out contact form.



Why Use a HRIS Implementation Partner?

One question we are frequently asked is – why should a business investing in a new HRIS system use an implementation partner? Here are the main benefits of using an HRIS implementation partner as we see it:

Broader HRIS and Technology Expertise:

A partner can bring experience of different sectors, systems and approaches. These elements can help deploy the new HRIS system more efficiently avoiding pitfalls that cause delay. They can also bring impartiality to configuration discussions and the impact of those choices on the organisation’s HR system. This infusion of specialist expertise can help avoid the “If I knew what I know today, I would have done things differently” situations.

Service and Speed:

Partners often provide a more flexible, personal service especially for small or mid-sized firms that are not likely to be the biggest client. A partner’s specialist skills will also speed up the implementation process so that internal resource can be focused on adoption and training rather than navigating the learning curve of the setting up phase.

More Choice:

Selecting from a pool of HRIS implementation partners allows you to select a partner that you are comfortable working with. This personal chemistry between the internal team and the outsourced team members is crucial to meeting project deadlines, translating business requirements and aiding in knowledge transfer.

Immediate Credibility:

A credible HRIS partner with in-depth knowledge of the HRIS space and best practice can accelerate buy in from internal stakeholders. Usually this works best when the partner has a broad understanding of processes and issues pertinent to particular stakeholders. This also helps to facilitate take up of the system among users.

Committed Preferred Supplier:

A third party HRIS implementation partner that is committed to the system (demonstrated by participating at the provider’s conferences, receiving partner certification, recognition or awards, and collaboration with their sales team) has an in-depth understanding of the system’s capabilities and limitations which is a beneficial in getting the most of a system.

Partnering Pitfalls to Avoid

However, it is also worth noting the potential pitfalls of outsourcing to a third party and these tend to become an issue when the following issues are not addressed:

  • Accountability – prefer a single company that is responsible for the deliverables of all work being proposed.
  • Execution – partner’s inability to execute on the deliverables based on lack of experience, training, and overall calibre of consultant(s).
  • Partner’s Viability – partner’s financial stability, leadership and proven ability to deliver results.
  • Project Ownership – “finger-pointing”. Problems resulting in the partner blaming the HRIS sales team, while the sales team blames the consulting team.

Why Outsource Your HR

HR outsourcing is the method of having your business’ human resources tasks managed by an external agency rather than them being completed in-house. It is becoming an increasingly tool amongst mid-range organisations who often struggle to manage their own HR effectively. Read on to discover how HR outsourcing could benefit your business…

It’s Cost-Effective

Maintaining a workforce is an expensive business and there are constant increases in the costs of recruitment and employee benefits. Outsourcing HR tasks to a specialist agency rather than hiring a full HR department for your business can help keep these costs down and focus on making a profit.

Boosts Productivity

HR agencies already have the skills and knowledge of how to manage people within a business. By outsourcing your HR to an external consultancy agency, you are hiring a team of professionals who already understand the ins and outs of the processes, making for a much more productive team.

Keep on the Right Side of the Law

Constant changes to employment law and employee claims becoming an often unavoidable aspect of business, it’s important to ensure you get things right first time. Expensive tribunal fees and fines can be damaging to a business’ success and outsourcing HR can prevent these issues from arising. HR consultants hold extensive knowledge in all areas of employment law, helping your business keep on the right track, maintaining your good reputation.

Simplify the Process

As a business owner, it is likely you will spend the majority of your time running your business. The more time and effort you focus on this, the more successful your business will become. However, HR plays an important role in all businesses and is one that must be addressed. Outsourcing HR means you can pass this work over to an external team safe in the knowledge your people are being managed professionally, giving you the opportunity to focus your energy on the business side of things.

Outstanding Service

It goes without saying that HR consultants are experts in their field and what better way to inject this professionalism into your business than to hire a team to work with you? Most SMEs don’t have the HR resources or tools that larger companies often do and outsourcing the department means you will have access to all the resources and tools you need for the smooth running of the employee side of your business.

Overall, outsourcing can save you two highly coveted things in the business world- time and money. Tugela People are leading providers of HR services to small and medium sized businesses. Our expertise could help your company get on the right track to better people management, making for a much more productive business all round.

Tugela HR Engaged to Assist Silverbug With Their Merger

Tugela People is pleased to announce that we have been engaged to assist Silverbug, the IT outsourcing business, with their merger with three Admiral Group entities.

The merger of these business entities means that the enlarged HR function now has multiple sources of data and processes. We will ensure that the new HR function is compliant and uses current best practice across their new HR function.

If your organisation requires expert HR support either on a retained or project basis then talk to the HR experts at Tugela People and ask about our free initial consultation.