Handy Sage People New Year Housekeeping Checklist

With the New Year here, we’ve put together this handy checklist of Sage People end of year housekeeping tips to ensure you start 2018 with everything running smoothly:

  • If you use exchange rates and they need to be updated annually, do remember to update them.
  • Check that Sage People licences for all leavers have been deactivated and review that there are enough licences available for your medium term requirements.
  • Remember to create absence adjustments for 2018 for those who have them.
  • Check date ranges on scheduled reports to ensure they mirror the company financial year.
  • Remember to post your Christmas and New Year messages on your Employee Self Service or better still schedule them to appear/disappear.
  • For those using strategic objectives, remember to edit the strategic objectives picklist to align with the companies 2018 Corporate Objectives.
  • Remember to check that Snapshot reporting is working and is scheduled to run in case you need headcount figures as at the end of the year.
  • Ensure that public holidays (bank holidays) that are not set as “reoccurring” are entered for 2018 (and beyond if you have future years).
  • Remember to check that Hold Absence Balances has been set to run, as this is very useful for reporting.
  • Those using the Resource Manager, remember your new Active Resource Plan for 2018 to track the budgeted and signed off New positions.
  • Remember to check that Carry Over has been set up on your absence accrual patterns.
  • Finally, schedule any annual compliance notices to appear on the Employee Self Service and track which employees have signed the agreement.


Happy Sage People end of year housekeeping! If you would like help with any of the above do get in touch with us.