Sage People Winter 20 Release

As the season turns, Sage People are getting ready to release their next set of enhancements with the Sage People Winter 20 Release. With this latest release, they are aiming to improve efficiencies and offer users more flexible ways of working while improving engagement.

Aligning with Salesforce

Also, with this release, Sage People have dropped the nautical theme and now base the naming and timing of their releases on the Salesforce model. Salesforce, in some cases, announces new functionality a year in advance hence Winter 2020. In reality, Sage People are updating their customer live orgs on the 28 October (for EU8, EU9 and EU15 located orgs) and then on 4 November for all others


Sage People Winter 20 Release includes the following new features:

  • Groups and teams – improve how users organise, develop, recognise and communicate. Enables self-service users to create project groups, etc. and administer these. Groups can be formed across reporting lines for agile project planning purposes rather than hierarchy based.
  • Absence accrual log pagination – improves the user experience and performance of absence accruals. These screens have been made more manageable by enabling HR Managers to view results based on a date range.
  • Absence calculator 2.0 now in payflow – extending the recently improved absence calculator to payflow. This means payflow can now include absence records created as part of the new Time Off functionality.
  • Delegated access to timesheets for executive assistants – creates more flexibility around timesheet management. For example, delegated assistants can now create, submit and approve timesheets for their manager or their colleagues.
  • Absence balance enhancements – improve visibility of leave balances so you can plan more effectively. Accrual balance can now be displayed in the hr portal for any absence type that accrues, e.g. additional or voluntary entitlements, etc. and not just accruals based on holiday patterns.
  • Continuous conversations (beta) – improve how you manage performance through better engagement. Replaces the continuous feedback functionality. Continuous conversations are more flexible and are not coupled to Performance Reviews anymore. So Continuous conversations can occur independently from the Performance Review screen in the self-service. Managers and direct reports can now also add attachments to conversations.
  • People management workflow (pilot) – enhances the user experience of people management processes. The pilot begins week commencing 11 November. This enhancement is set to revolutionise how managers work with HR Requests. A new user interface means that manager-based changes, promotions, etc. have separate screens. Managers can also generate proposed changes for several employees at one time.
  • Update to the hiring manager portal – gives hiring managers more flexibility and control over their job posts. Further fields can be presented to hiring managers, as part of the list of vacancies that they see, as well as individual vacancies themselves, so that they have all the information they need to hand.


To find out more about the enhancements, or if you would like any support or help to get the most from your Sage People investment, please call us on 01908 030360 or contact us

Sage People Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) Training Accreditation Achieved

We are delighted to announce that we are now accredited to deliver Sage People Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) training. This latest accreditation is in addition to our existing accreditations (HCM Fundamentals, HCM Admin Essentials and Reporting and Analytics training courses).

Well done to our head trainer, Simon Jones, and his training team on this achievement. It demonstrates their ongoing commitment to advancing Tugela’s Sage People training programme.

Simon says: ‘We love sharing our Sage People knowledge and are thrilled to have our Sage People training expertise once again formally recognised.

We used the accreditation process as an opportunity to benchmark our offering against best practice, and we have been able to refine and enhance our training offering.’


Accredited Sage People training

As a preferred partner since 2012, we focus on adding value by leveraging our expertise and experience for your benefit through our range of popular training courses, including:

·        HCM Fundamentals Training

·        HCM Admin Essentials Training*

·        Reports and Analytics Training*

·        Talent Acquisition Fundamentals (Recruiter) Training

·        Performance and Talent Management Fundamentals Training

(Note: *we are Sage People accredited for the delivery of these courses in both Classic and Lightning versions)

We enhance your in-house expertise, so you can maximise your Sage People investment. We do so by engaging both HR and end-users in a fun, interactive way with training tailored to your organisation’s particular requirements.


To find out more about either our flexible, cost effective Sage People training courses, please contact us via our online form or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 for an informal chat.

Data Integration on Sage People

Given the increasing demand to integrate external data sources into Sage People so that organisations can enjoy a true single view of their employees, we continue to extend our data integration offering to enable systems to better talk to one another across the Sage People platform.


Getting systems to talk to one another…

There are numerous ways to integrate or connect with third party systems on the Sage People module on the Salesforce Platform. For each project we use a series of questions to identify which technology approach has the best fit. We then look at different data connectors, APIs, middleware solutions, and even robotic workers to merge data across multiple systems to assess which will do the job most efficiently within the time and budget constraints of each data integration project.


Automated data integration on Sage People

A most recent Sage People integration project required end-to-end automation to integrate the client’s external systems into Sage People.

Having looked at the customer’s current IT tools and system usability we decided to use Active Directory (AD) to synchronise their various data sources. This Microsoft product has several services running on Windows Server which manages permissions and access to networked resources.

Using our PowerShell coding expertise, we enabled the customer to automatically push new employees’ data that was added to Active Directory into the Team Member table of Sage People. We also included automatic monitoring for other changes (such as email amendments and line manager changes) to ensure data was up-to-date and consistent across all systems.


To find out more about our data integration services for Sage People

To find out how we can help with your data integration on Sage People, please contact us online or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 today. And we will ensure that your Sage People data is automatically synchronised and consistent across different systems.

Sage People Nautilus Release

We are looking forward to the new forthcoming Sage People Nautilus Release that is in the pipeline. This latest update will help to deliver improved visibility and control of the entire workforce with targeted and tailored communications, continuous feedback mechanisms and enhanced user experience across the system.

We particularly like the improvement to the Performance module where key components for performance assessment have been consolidated in a single, easy-to-digest overview. Now managers can access objectives, and review and update them with all the relevant context to hand, such as continuous feedback, providing a highly informative and interactive performance review experience.

Performance Review now also allows the capture of two-way feedback on an employee’s performance throughout the review period. Managers and employees can add comments, actions and goals. There is a choice to keep it informal, or add a formal check-in process.

So, exciting times as Sage People continues to finetune and improve things as part of it’s continued commitment to deliver a HR system which not only meets today people management requirements but future ones.

If you would like any help in upgrading Sage People, or would like to discuss any points raised in this article please call us on 01327 317701 or contact us

Sage People Mirny Release Update and Absence Calculator Changes

Sage People has announced details of the new Mirny release which was installed in customer sandboxes in August. FYI the production release will happen in early September and includes the following functionality:

•    Further enhanced performance management
•    Hiring manager portal expansion
•    Internal communication templates
•    Storage of absence balances in standard fields
•    Wave App (pilot)
•    Further enhancements and bug fixes

For more information on these features check out this presentation by the Head of Product Development.

They have also announced that they will be deprecating an old absence feature set with this release.  You may remember in the Victoria release last year September they released several absence enhancements, including the ability to change the order holiday is deducted (from TOIL, carry over, and accrual) and support for carry over with expiry greater than 12 months.  To do so, a new absence calculator was built that could be switched on by customers.  Now this new calculator will be switched on automatically for all customers in the Mirny release.  FYI it is backwards compatible, so you should see no impact, but it is still important to validate in this sandbox release.

If you would like to discuss this Sage People Mirny release – do call us on +44 (0)1327 317 701 or via out contact form.



Are you Ready for Liemba, Sage People’s Latest Upgrade?

Sage People recently announced details of Liemba, their exciting new release which comes into effect soon. The Liemba update include significant enhancements including:

  • WX UI improvements (menu bar, top masthead, HR Noticeboard and Internal Communication display enhancements)
  • Enhanced performance management
  • Support for configurable groups and teams in WX
  • Pulse surveys (pilot programme)
  • Automated manager and span of control reporting
  • Sage People Android App

New Pulse Survey

Thpulse survey sage peoplee element that excites us most is the new pilot programme of Pulse surveys. We believe that this is going to become an invaluable addition to the software’s employee engagement toolbox. Pulse surveys allow employees to give quick and relevant feedback and makes data collection easy. It is great for insightful analysis and reporting to inform business decisions.

If your organisation would like support managing your Sage People upgrade call the Sage People support experts, Tugela People on +44 (0)1327 317701.

Sage People Technical Update, May 2017

Salesforce are due to retire their default certificate on August 7th 2017 details of this can be found here.  If your organisation uses Single Sign On and you are using the default certificate this service will stop working on this date.

Sage People have produced a guide to enable you to check if this affects your organisation:

Fyi Sage People have also produced a guide to replace this certificate when using ADFS here:

SFDC Expired Certificate Notification

If you use Okta, Azure or Onelogin as your authentication service, please note these guides are currently being created, so watch this space.

If you need help replacing certificates please call Tugela on +44 (0)1327 317701

Tugela People celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Tugela HR consultancy turns 5

We are delighted to have celebrated our fifth anniversary last month.  The past five years have flown by for us with high growth, a robust Sage People partnership and an expanding international client base.  We could not have achieved this success without the ongoing support from our wonderful staff, clients, partners, and family.  A heartfelt thank you to all of you.

Thomas Schilling, Managing Director and Founder, says:

‘We are proud of our reputation as trusted global HRIS consultancy that partners SME organisations to streamline their HR processes and get the most out of their HR systems.

Our strong international HR perspective, extensive HR process knowledge and HRIS technical expertise combine to provide full-service HRIS support for international mid market organisations.

We are looking forward to the next exciting chapter in our business, in particular as we develop the exciting new partnership with Sage and in particular, Sage People – onwards and upwards!’

Best Practice for Effective Sage People Adoption

Given the investment of time and resource in investing in a new HRIS like Sage People it is worth embracing best practice so you enjoy the maximum return on your investment.

How do you maximize ROI from HR automation?  Any new process or technology roll-out has challenges.  Research from organisations that have successfully adopted Sage People suggest that user adoption is key to success.  The thing to remember is that whilst you are fully invested in Sage People and its benefits, your wider team of users are not yet.  So your mission is to bring the rest of the organisation to your level of understanding and commitment.

What is Best Practice for Effective Sage People Adoption?

Here are our suggestions to help boost your user adoption, these are drawn from our experience as Sage People implementation and training specialists with over 50 implementation projects under our belt.

Clear goalposts with the bosses cheering…

Start by setting clear goals and expectations that are endorsed by senior management so your user base understands what is expected from them and they understand what they can expect from the application itself.

You need to think in terms of Change Management that embraces all users. Also the senior management must be fully committed, even leading by example where possible to enable full user adoption. Whilst change is tough and new processes can be daunting; hand holding and empathy, as well as FAQ content and process overviews are helpful.

What’s in it for them…

Focus on the benefits. Demonstrate how Sage People can help make their lives easier by giving them better control and saving time. Showcase the mobile interface and its ease of use.

We find it is useful to focus on quick wins early in the implementation project, as we find that when users see results early on they adopt more readily.

Training, training, training…

This is key to successful user adoption. If you don’t have training expertise in-house, then outsource to training experts who can make the process fun and accessible to all. Training should provide users with hands-on learning using real data and scenarios. We find when users use data they know, it is easier to understand and internalise what they are learning. Don’t stop there. Once users have used Sage People, then provide follow up training as they’ll have different questions and niggles to address.

Customise to simplify…

As you implement Sage People and automate your HR processes, make sure simplification is a priority. This will help with user adoption, as the simpler things are the easier they are to use. Research this and prioritise exactly what users need to be successful and then customise to meet their specific needs. We find simplifying the access / log in process has positive impact on user adoption.

Have fun with incentives…

You don’t have to break the bank, but some incentives and a little competition can do wonders for user adoption rates.  Get creative or speak to marketing for some pointers.


If you require help with Sage People best practice call the Sage People experts on +44(0) 1327 317701 or contact him via the website