Another Sage People Managed Service Contract Secured

We are pleased to report that the Sage People Managed Service offering we launched last year continues to grow with another contract signed.

This new, multinational leisure sector client needed a full-service offering to ensure that they were maximising their return on their Sage People investment. So, we created a comprehensive, bespoke retained Managed Service package to meet their multilingual requirements. They have over 6,000 employees in branches across Germany, Austria, Croatia, Gibraltar, Colombia and Malta.

New Sage People Managed Service RenataTo this end we are delighted to announce the appointment of Renata Tenorio Boesche, an experienced multilingual HRIS Technical Support Consultant. Renata  is exclusively dedicated to their account and is supporting not only their HR team, but all their end-users as they roll out the system across the business over the next few years.

To find out how we can help manage Sage People, please contact us online or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 today. And we will ensure that your organisation gets the benefit from an efficient, optimised Sage People system.

New Managed Service for Sage People

We are delighted to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Sage People Managed Service offering. Our new monthly support service is both cost-effective and flexible, and can be bespoke to your specific requirements.

With our advanced technical assistance, you can benefit fully from Sage People’s highly customisable interface and ensure that Sage People delivers what it promises, including:

  • A personalised employee self-serve portal,
  • Increased team efficiency and productivity through automation,
  • Enhanced visibility of your global workforce.

As the first Sage People Partner in the UK we can leverage our Sage People tech expertise and HR process experience to your benefit.  So, sign up to our Managed Services offering and enjoy optimum performance and enhanced the return on your Sage People investment.


Why use our Sage People Managed Services support?

  • Save time.  We take the administrative burden from your team – managing everything from deploying new functionality made available with new releases, to fixing configuration issues and setting up new workflows, rules, company notices, reports etc.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.  Our proactive partnership approach helps you to harness the power of Sage People quickly and efficiently so you can rest assured that you are making the most of Sage People investment.
  • Frees up HR to focus on transformational activities.  We ensure Sage People executes your transactional HR tasks efficiently and is able to provide the analytics and insights needed so you can focus strategically on improving your HCM and talent management processes.
  • Flexible support options.  Our monthly support packages can be scaled up or down to meet your requirements. You decide how much support you need and how you use it best for you, your people and your processes.


Find out more about our Managed Service for Sage People

For prices or to find out how the managed service for Sage People works, contact us online or call us on +(44) 1908 030360 today. And let us help ensure that your Sage People system is up-to-date, secure and optimised for best performance.


Why Outsource Your HR

HR outsourcing is the method of having your business’ human resources tasks managed by an external agency rather than them being completed in-house. It is becoming an increasingly tool amongst mid-range organisations who often struggle to manage their own HR effectively. Read on to discover how HR outsourcing could benefit your business…

It’s Cost-Effective

Maintaining a workforce is an expensive business and there are constant increases in the costs of recruitment and employee benefits. Outsourcing HR tasks to a specialist agency rather than hiring a full HR department for your business can help keep these costs down and focus on making a profit.

Boosts Productivity

HR agencies already have the skills and knowledge of how to manage people within a business. By outsourcing your HR to an external consultancy agency, you are hiring a team of professionals who already understand the ins and outs of the processes, making for a much more productive team.

Keep on the Right Side of the Law

Constant changes to employment law and employee claims becoming an often unavoidable aspect of business, it’s important to ensure you get things right first time. Expensive tribunal fees and fines can be damaging to a business’ success and outsourcing HR can prevent these issues from arising. HR consultants hold extensive knowledge in all areas of employment law, helping your business keep on the right track, maintaining your good reputation.

Simplify the Process

As a business owner, it is likely you will spend the majority of your time running your business. The more time and effort you focus on this, the more successful your business will become. However, HR plays an important role in all businesses and is one that must be addressed. Outsourcing HR means you can pass this work over to an external team safe in the knowledge your people are being managed professionally, giving you the opportunity to focus your energy on the business side of things.

Outstanding Service

It goes without saying that HR consultants are experts in their field and what better way to inject this professionalism into your business than to hire a team to work with you? Most SMEs don’t have the HR resources or tools that larger companies often do and outsourcing the department means you will have access to all the resources and tools you need for the smooth running of the employee side of your business.

Overall, outsourcing can save you two highly coveted things in the business world- time and money. Tugela People are leading providers of HR services to small and medium sized businesses. Our expertise could help your company get on the right track to better people management, making for a much more productive business all round.