We’ve expanded our solutions portfolio to include Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Because our clients have differing needs from their People Technology, we’re always on the lookout for additional solutions. Most of our customers have operations in several countries, and that means their HR professionals need to resolve challenges that UK-only companies don’t face. One of these, of course, is different language requirements.

With that in mind, when we identified a need for an eLearning platform, Tugela People wanted to make sure the solution we chose would be easy to use regardless of the users’ first language. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that any solution identified could be easily integrated into our customers HRIS. We established a partnership with Epignosis, and can now offer our clients an excellent range of eLearning tools:

Built for business success, TalentLMS is an easy-to-use, feature-rich Learning Management System at a reassuringly fair price. Named as a 2020 Leader in the corporate LMS category in a G2 survey, users say that TalentLMS has helped them build their training quickly and enabled them to go live rapidly.

Built for the enterprise, efront Learning is a robust learning platform for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customisation. It enables volume training of employees, partners, and customers.

Built for mobile, talentcards is a microlearning solution that’s ideal for mobile training. Companies can mass-train their people with easily digestible materials. Create beautiful learning cards in seconds and deliver training over mobile so that it can be used anytime and anywhere. Talentcards is ideally suited to training on safety procedures, compliance, new product knowledge, or any type of learning that benefits from bite-sized information.

Learn more about these solutions and our related services by clicking here

What’s new from Sage People?

The Winter ‘21 release

This includes a seamless and slicker workflow framework for making employee changes, an extension to  the features of the employee self-serve portal with the opportunity for additional employer branding for better employee engagement, in addition to lots of improved functionality for better user and employee experiences across the entire end-to-end solution.

What’s New?

General Availability

  • People management workflow – employee changes:  A new framework for people management workflow, provides a guided, seamless and slicker process for managers to make employee changes as needed. ​
  • Enhanced summary process: A more engaging and interactive user experience when consuming key organisational information via employee self-service (WX) as well as user-friendly configuration templates. ​
  • WX UI improvements: These have been made to the accessibility, usability, and look of the employee self-service portal (also known as workforce experience (WX)).


  • Time API: Ensuring 3rd parties can safely and sustainably consume data about timesheets submitted in Sage People​.

Early adopter programs​

  • New time-off UX: Easily and confidently request time-off, with a clear picture of leave entitlement in just a few clicks​​.
  • New mobile app: By taking full advantage of your mobile features such as face and fingerprint ID, font and display size adjustment, call features, and push notifications, you can carry out faster HR and People processes, resulting in far superior experiences for all your employees. ​​
  • Enhanced objectives: This new way of tracking objectives supports employees and managers that respond to change by setting individual and team goals that are flexible, aligned and achieved in incremental steps. ​

Sage people are holding a Sage People Winter ’21 Release Webinar on October the 20th from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM BST. . You can register for this by clicking here

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We pride ourselves in helping our customers to maximise their investment in Sage People

Sage People Summer ‘20 release

Sage People are getting ready to release their next set of enhancements with the Sage People Summer ‘20 Release. With this latest release, they are aiming to improve efficiencies and offer users more flexible ways of working while improving engagement.

General Release

  • Reward planning: Further to the beta release, the salary and bonus planning suite is now available to all Sage People customers. The new reward planning suite makes the set-up of both salary and bonus plans much more intuitive, empowering managers to effectively reward and retain talent.


  • Partial day absence: Partial days for time-off booked is now available in the calendar view. This feature development significantly improves user experience when viewing time-off at a glance. To use this new feature customers must be using the new time-off process. Once activated, users can open their individual or team calendar view where they will be able to see time off including partial days which is now visualized in the calendar.
  • Absence and Compensation API: Sage People continues work on building out an API suite to support the connection of 3rd party systems with these two new additions. The absence and compensation APIs will form part of what will ultimately become the suite for APIs for 3rd party payrolls.

Early Adopter programs

Sage People are also working with a handful of selected customers that are taking part in these   Early Adopter programs. More information about these will be provided in future updates:

  • People Management Workflow – employee changes: A new initiative that significantly enhances the process of creating and updating employee data. This will deliver a new straightforward process, improving the experience for both managers and administrators from one single feature; for onboarding, managing employee changes and termination.
  • Enhanced objectives: This supports employees and managers to respond to change by setting individual and team goals that are flexible, aligned, and achieved in incremental steps with our new enhanced objectives functionality. 
  • New mobile app: Sage People aim to provide a seamless and modern mobile experience through their brand new mobile app, which will take full advantage of mobile features such as face and fingerprint ID, font and display size adjustment and call features, enabling users to carry out faster HR and People processes, resulting in far superior experiences for your employees.
  • Enhanced summary process: The summary process displays team member information for your organization in the WX portal, e.g. total number of current employees, employee birthdays, or new hires in the next seven days. This new enhancement will make a big impact on the WX landing page for employees in terms of look and feel and make the UI more engaging and interactive. The summary process tiles can now be branded to complement the customers organizational colour scheme. Employee birthdays can be displayed as a carousel with a customizable background enabling you to scroll rather than just being a static number. Defined more user-friendly configuration templates for setting up summary processes.
  • US employment eligibility verification: It is a legal requirement to verify the eligibility of employees to work in the United States using a form called I-9. The employment eligibility verification process is initiated in Sage People. It will guide you through the steps to complete Section 1 of the I-9 through E-Verify. The I-9 status will be tracked in the team member record with an audit trail.

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We pride ourselves in helping our customers to maximise their investment in Sage People.

Partnership with Moorepay: Helping SMEs Manage their Payroll

Tugela People has joined forces with Moorepay to offer a more comprehensive offering for our customers and theirs.

The next step of our partnership

Yes, it’s official! After working as a referral partner of Moorepay for over two years, we are extending our partnership. Moorepay’s Payroll and HR Solutions will now form part of Tugela People’s portfolio, so that we can offer more flexible solutions to our customers.

Together, we will help SMEs to manage their people with ease.

Delivering flexible payroll and HR solutions for SMEs

All companies need to look after their people and that’s especially true for small-to-medium sized businesses in today’s economic climate. This includes paying them accurately and on time, whilst making their experience as an employee positive. The addition of Moorepay’s Payroll and HR solutions means that Tugela People can provide modern, cloud-based solutions for their clients in this area.

About our partnership

This will enable us to provide our clients with a reputable, proven, easy-to-use and flexible payroll and HR solution, imperative in today’s current business climate – Thomas Schilling, MD

Providing cloud-based, easy to implement and manage payroll and HR solutions is the backbone of Tugela People. Further to a very successful 2 years of collaboration, we are delighted to progress our partnership with Moorepay.

Thomas Schilling, MD of Tugela People, said:

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Moorepay, enhancing our solutions for the people function within small and medium businesses globally. This will enable us to provide our clients with a reputable, proven, easy-to-use and flexible payroll and HR solution, imperative in today’s current business climate”.

Proven solutions, with a reputation

Paying 1 in 6 of the UK’s workforce, Moorepay, and its parent organisation Zellis, are a reputable and popular choice for a wide range of businesses looking for bespoke solutions to manage their people.

Gary Boyes, Chief Sales Officer of Moorepay, stated:

“Moorepay has been working with Tugela People as a referral partner for a couple of years now. With the extensive HR industry knowledge and technical expertise that Tugela People have to offer, a more progressive partnership now makes sense.

We are pleased to announce that Tugela People will now be able to provide our market-leading, next-generation payroll & HR solution directly to their clients, enhancing our collaborative partnership globally.

This partnership is our most recent way to bring the benefits of Moorepay to SMEs across the UK.

About Moorepay

Dedicated to making payroll & HR easy, Moorepay are continually investing in their easy-to-use software, its rich functionality, and the flexible services their diverse customers demand.

Why Tugela People

Tugela People empowers companies to achieve their business goals with people-centric, cloud-based payroll and HR solutions. We deliver this through partnerships with best-in-breed technology vendors, using proven methodologies, to provide a payroll and HR system that meet our customers’ specific needs.

Our dedicated team of HRIS experts provide a professional, responsive service, combining real-world international HR experience with in-depth technical expertise to audit, design and refine processes, as well as to select and implement payroll and HR technology solutions globally. We also offer a support service including implementations, project management, managed services, health checks and a range of training options on a retained or project basis.

To talk with our sales team, contact us on 01908 030361 or email info@tugelapeople.com

HR Made Easy

Discover how to make your people feel engaged:

  1. Attract & retain employees: by delivering a fantastic employee experience;
  2. Improve engagement & satisfaction: by creating an engaging work environment that your employees are proud to be a part of; and
  3. Grow productivity, revenue & profit: by using the tools that support business growth and provide a healthy return on investment.

Learn how easily you can empower your people & reduce HR admin with a system that provides self-service. Enable employees to keep their records current and carry out typical HR tasks, from booking time off and completing performance reviews, to accessing payslips and updating emergency contacts.

Revolutionise your business and provide your relevant managers and employees instant access to essential information anytime, from anywhere using a secure web-based login.

Upgrade now to a cloud-based, easy-to-use, flexible HR system that will support your business now and into the future. Our HR solution contains innovative features and functionality, so you can streamline your HR admin. tasks and processes.

To find out how, click here to request our complimentary brochure now

Payroll Made Easy

How do you ensure that your payroll system is up-to-date and meets all the legislative requirements, including pensions auto-enrolment and HMRC reporting?

Taking care of your most valuable asset, your employees is essential. A happy workforce leads to higher performance and better results.

Discover how payroll can be made easy through:

  • Simple onboarding
  • Easy-to-use, HMRC approved software
  • Rich functionality

We offer an easy-to-use, cloud-based payroll solution that:

  • Ensures you are compliant with the latest legislation
  • Saves you time and money
  • Provides relevant employees and managers with 24/7 access

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HRIS Managed Services for Sage People

Find out what it is and why it matters

Today’s HRIS solutions are constantly evolving, and therefore require continual performance tuning.

While the majority of us are familiar with the term “user adoption”, few of us have the flexibility, capacity and knowledge to turn a system launch into a long-term success.

Before HRIS Managed Services entered the market, typically organisations were forced down a route of a “break/fix” service involving an outside solutions expert to diagnose and fix your problems.

Truly effective Managed Service is more than just incident control. It is achieved through a consistent relationship between you and the service provider, with proactive services & regular maintenance.

Having a Managed Services partnership in place to support your Sage People System, ensures that daily operations are taken care of, thereby enabling HR and IT teams to focus on the more strategic aspects of their role and the business’ core goals.

Future proof your Sage People investment by staying on top of changes both in technology and trends that may impact your HR system, by adding an additional layer of efficiency to your organisation. Our guide: Managed Services ‘What it is and why it matters’, will provide you with insight and solutions to address these challenges.

Click on the image below to request your copy of the guide now:

Sage People HR Portal Lightning Experience: Have you made the switch?

Lightning Experience is the next generation of the Salesforce platform that aims to deliver a new modern user interface and improved navigation. Salesforce is currently only investing in Lightning, so Sage People has had to move to this platform to ensure that the application is still supported and customers can benefit from the modern look and feel, and upgrade in functionality.

In terms of Sage People, this means that the look and feel of the HR portal will automatically change from the Salesforce Classic to the Lightning Experience interface. There is no deadline to stop using Classic. You can toggle back to Classic at any time, but new features will only be available in Lightning – an incentive to get to grips with the new interface.

It’s worth noting that this update does not impact the self-service portal (WX). It only affects the HR portal so employees across the rest of your organisation won’t be affected.

If you haven’t made the switch to Lightning, we highly recommend migrating as soon as possible. The Sage People application is now Lightning-ready, as per the updates in the Sage People Spring ’20 release. Once your organisation has been upgraded to the Spring ‘20 release, you can begin your migration to Lightning Experience.

To manage this change, we advise that you consider how you’ll introduce the Lightning Experience to your HR Portal users. A phased approach will certainly work: i.e. let your system admin trial Lightning for a couple of weeks,  before rolling out to the other HR Portal users.

There are some useful online guides and instructions, which we have made available online and can be accessed here

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The Tugela Team – boosting morale and performance

At Tugela People, although the majority of us are used to working remotely, a typical week or month (depending on our roles and home locations) sees us visiting the office to touch base with the core team and for meetings.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak and the government mandate for remote working where appropriate, our offices have been devoid of the human touch. With all of our systems being cloud-based, making the business remote from a technology aspect has been relatively simple. The social aspect, however, has required more consideration and effort to ensure that we don’t feel isolated or unsupported and that we can stay focused despite the personal challenges we are all facing on the home front.

The key to all of this has been effective management and enhanced communications. We are in the enviable position not only to have cloud-based systems but also to have many communication tools in place to facilitate this. In addition to the standard (and somewhat mundane!) emails (and the more formal way of communicating), we have a host of other tools to hand which we have been using to the max: Yammer, Microsoft Teams and a company WhatsApp group.

It is perhaps not only having the tools to hand but the way everyone in the company has come together to embrace the best of a bad situation. We keep in regular contact about both business and personal matters, are undertaking some individual challenges set by other team members (like 10,00 steps a day) and have bi-weekly group video coffee morning/afternoon get-togethers. I have even had the pleasure of virtually meeting some of my colleagues and business partners kids and pets via video chat!  We also have our regular one-to-ones with managers and catch-ups with colleagues (both written and oral) combining to provide us all with a sense of belonging to a caring and supportive professional family.

How is your company managing to keep you and your teams’ morale boosted and create a sense of community?