Take advantage of the opportunity to up skill your HR Teams on Sage People

With the rise in remote working due to Corona Virus, many HR departments are finding themselves with increased capacity. This is the ideal opportunity for you to enhance your HR Team’s knowledge in the features and strengths of Sage People.

Additionally if new capabilities or upgrades are required to support your pool of remote employees, your HR resources will require training and support to implement these and to take advantage of those system enhancements.

As a preferred partner and accredited Sage People trainer we have been offering bespoke Sage People training services to global mid-range organisations since 2012.  

We pride ourselves in ensuring your team is self-sufficient in making changes and delivering new functionality, thus reducing the total cost of ownership to ensure that you maximise your return on your Sage People investment.

We are able to provide both individual and team training sessions on any aspect of Sage People. We also offer a combination upgrade/ training package, where we will manage the upgrade on your behalf. 

All training is provided remotely, overcoming the challenge in avoiding face-to-face meetings and accessing employees whom are home based due the current climate.

Ensure that your Sage People is up-to-date and providing you with all the support you require

With the uncertainty that the Corona virus has created, along with the need for more remote working, ensuring that your HR department is running optimally and able to support your colleagues efficiently and effectively is essential.

Your HRIS is fundamental to all of this.

Our popular Sage People health check is a useful way to ensure you are getting the most from your system. We can highlight  any inefficiencies, recommend upgrades and additional functionalities aligned with your requirements, and also help to ensure that user adoption is enhanced.

The health check will be undertaken remotely, so there is no requirement for face-to-face interaction, nor will it impede your day-to-day operations.

As the first Sage People preferred partner in the UK we empower mid-sized organisations to get the most from their Sage People technology investment so they can enjoy efficient people processes, workforce visibility and a great employee experience.

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Managed Services department committed to providing continued HRIS admin support

Our Managed Services department is committed to providing continued HRIS admin support for Sage People during the Coronavirus crisis.

As the Coronavirus situation develops, we understand how much extra pressure is being exerted on the HR function, with colleagues required to work from home in addition to numerous new rules and requirements put in place to ensure limited exposure. 

The question that must be asked is whether your HR department is fully equipped and resourced to manage and support your increasing pool of remote workers?

Remote working has been on an upward trend in recent years, with a predicted 50% of employees working from home in 2020. However, the Coronavirus has accelerated the need for employees to work from home.

Maintaining collaborative communications and a positive culture is essential to ensuring that colleagues don’t feel isolated when working remotely.

With modern cloud-based HRIS, companies are now able to effect seamless homeworking  while ensuring that employees are kept up-to-date on any company announcements and feel supported. For example, through the use of Sage People’s “Internal Communications” capability.

Should your HR department be struggling with the increased demand from your employees, who are now home-based or lacking resource due to illness or self-isolation, then Tugela People can help by providing Sage People HRIS admin support and sharing some of this load.

Tugela People are an experienced HRIS consultancy who are experts in implementing and supporting Sage People. As the first Sage People Partner in the UK, we are authorized by Sage to provide a range of Sage People sales and support services across the globe. We have the international experience and expertise to help you harness the power of technology to better manage your people, so you get the most from your Sage People investment.

It is business as usual at Tugela People

As the advice regarding the containment and delay phases for the Coronavirus continues to develop daily, Tugela People would like to assure all of its customers and partners of the continuity of our service.

Due to the cloud-based nature of our business, we do not foresee any disruption to the availability of our Implementation, Managed Services or Project Management teams. Additionally our cloud-based tools for communication and file sharing further serve to ensure seamless collaboration and content sharing with all of our stakeholders. We also have the capability to access customer content remotely and scheduled face-to-face training can be provided using online screen sharing platforms. All of our staff are already working remotely and are accustomed to this.

For customers that are currently in the process of  or due to commence a live implementation, the following will apply:

The project management team are reviewing all consultancy days which are scheduled to take place over the next 12 weeks. We will contact you to directly to discuss whether it is feasible or appropriate for our consultants to attend. Remote consultancy is an alternative option.

Should face-to-face engagements not be feasible, we will notify you as timely as possible. As above we can offer remote consultancy. Any days which are already booked for remote based delivery will continue to be delivered as planned.

We’re doing everything we can to minimise any disruption to project delivery and at this stage we do not expect any impacts to go-live dates. Our project team will keep you up-to-date should any issues arise.

As always, we remain committed to supporting your business with our highest level of customer service. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates appropriately and promptly.

We remain contactable via our office phone number 01908 030360 and email. Should you not have the email address of the person you need to contact within Tugela, then please contact us initially at: info@tugelapeople.com

Alternatively please complete the contact form below and we will respond accordingly.

New Appointment: Nicki Bond

We are delighted to welcome Nicki Bond to the newly created role of Marketing Consultant here at Tugela People.

Nicki will be responsible for shaping and driving the company’s marketing strategy, drawing on her extensive marketing and channel development experience gained over 20 years in the IT Industry.  

This key new role is integral to our vision to be the worldwide, go-to partner for people-centric, cloud-based HR solutions, enabling businesses to engage and manage their workforce effectively.

Thomas Schilling, Managing Director, said: ‘As we continue to grow and develop, I am thrilled that Nicki has joined the team in this pivotal role. She will be responsible for honing our marketing efforts, whilst creating an effective company voice to support our ambitious business objectives. A very warm welcome to Nicki’.

Coronavirus: A useful guide for HR

With the UK Government’s recent update on plans to cope with a potential increase in the spread of the coronavirus, it’s important for companies to be preparing for further challenges and impacts as a result. To date the UK has been fortunate compared to some other countries, but with so many people travelling globally for work and leisure, we can’t assume that will continue. The old maxim “hope for the best, and plan for the worst” seems especially appropriate now.

If the spread of COVID-19 continues to rise, employers face potentially serious staff and skills shortages. The wiser ones will be making contingency plans already, to try to maintain production and/or service levels.

As we have all seen in the press over the past few weeks, a number of organisations have already instructed their workforce to adjust their working arrangement in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.


1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

By ensuring your colleagues are kept informed about the latest advice from the various health authorities about personal hygiene, typical early symptoms and any updates to high-risk destinations, you can increase awareness.

2. Embrace technology to update employees with advice and information

Empower your employees by utilising self-service technology, such as  your HR system’s Employee Self-service module or the company intranet. Using these tools will not only keep your employees informed, but also serve to reduce the amount of physical contact (and therefore the risk of further spread) required for answering questions.  This is especially important at a time when employees and workers are likely to have many questions around their entitlements with regard to areas such as sick pay, the implication of self-isolation on their salary and the practicality of working from home.

3. Collaborate with management

Work with management to identify areas of the business that would be most adversely affected by an increase in employees becoming unable to attend their place of work. Investigate what contingency plans might be realistic.

4. Clarify and explain your company’s position on work attendance

Inform your employees about the options available to them that might help minimise the spread of COVID-19. In cases where remote working is a practical option, decide whether that’s something you want to proactively encourage. Where it’s not, how best can you minimise the risk to those employees whose jobs demand their physical attendance?

5. Clarify and explain your company’s position on sick pay entitlement

There are several reasons why this is important – partly because I’ve seen several questions elsewhere along the lines of “do I still have to pay my employees if they self-isolate?”.  It’s also important for employees to understand how it affects them. One of the big risks is from employees who may have been exposed to or even show the initial symptoms of the virus, continuing to come to work because they can’t afford to lose the money.

Boris Johnson has just announced the introduction of Emergency Legislation to deal with the outbreak. This entitles employees to statutory sick pay (SSP) “from the very first day” they are signed off, for the duration of the epidemic. Current UK laws dictate workers are not entitled to minimum SSP of £94.25 a week until they have taken four or more days in a row off work.

There’s an excellent explanation of the legal position around the various possible scenarios from ACAS

If you’re looking for other resources, there’s a dedicated page on the Knowledge Centre at HR & Payroll experts Moorepay

If you would like to contact us directly with regard to any HRIS issues that have been raised in this article click here

Tugela People attain accreditation to deliver SSO and AD configuration for Sage People

Tugela People are the first UK partner to be accredited to deliver Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) configuration for Sage People.

Our consultant Iain Clements who gained this certification on behalf of Tugela People commented, ‘With advanced integration and authentication development within Sage and Salesforce, we can massively improve the overall customer experience and ensure appropriate systems are connected and data-synchronised’.

Recent projects have included seamless integration of user accounts and passwords between Microsoft Azure, Okta, Active Directory, Office 365 and other systems offering single sign-on between Sage and other systems. 

For integration work, we have successfully passed data from/to Sage to Active Directory, Okta, Greenhouse.io, Salesforce, Office 365, and are currently working on integrations with Trinet and Netsuite.

With a wide range of APIs available within Sage, Tugela People can help you deeply integrate the Sage system across your business.

Thomas Schilling, Founder and MD said, ‘This accreditation adds another ‘string to our bow’ and serves to further enhance the services we are able to provide as a long-standing preferred partner for Sage People’.

For more information on the Sage People sales and support services we offer click here

5 signs you’ve outgrown your on-premise HR & Payroll systems

As an HR consultancy we work in partnership with many companies to understand their business needs, available resources & processes, and recommend suitable solutions to address their HR and Payroll system challenges.

Drawing on these experiences with our clients, we have prepared a guide: The 5 most common signs that a business has outgrown its on-premise HR & Payroll systems.

Click on the image below to learn more…

Tugela People celebrates their 8th anniversary

This month marks the 8th anniversary of our company inception. It has been a challenging and rewarding 8 years, and we are proud of the important milestones and successes the company has celebrated since our humble beginnings:

  • building a core team of 16 dedicated employees and associates, with extensive, international experience and foreign language capabilities within the HR profession.
  • creating a dynamic, caring team culture underpinned by a strong corporate social responsibility ethos.
  • developing robust partnerships with Sage People and other reputable software vendors, expanding our system offerings in order to gain more autonomy and provide our clients with best in-breed solutions.
  • establishing two new divisions – Project Management and Managed Services, in addition to gaining certification for providing training on Sage People.
  • being the first UK partner to be accredited to deliver Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) configuration for Sage People.
  • supporting an expanding global client base – we have just completed our 5th Australian implementation!

When working with companies we adopt a consultative partnership approach, using a proven methodology, to provide best-of breed HR systems that meet our client’s specific requirements.

The success that we have enjoyed since our inception is testament to our motto: “We are a safe pair of hands…small enough to care, big enough to deliver”. We simply could not have achieved this success without the ongoing dedication and support from our team, partners and clients. So, a warm thank you to all of you.

Thomas Schilling, Managing Director and Founder, says:
‘We’re proud of our reputation as the worldwide go-to partner for people-centric HR solutions enabling businesses to effectively engage and manage their workforce. Our strong international HR perspective, extensive people process knowledge, and HRIS technical expertise combine to provide a unique full-service support offering for mid-market organisations. Onwards and upwards!’