5 signs you’ve outgrown your on-premise HR & Payroll systems

1. Important information held in different systems

A recent survey identified that many small to medium sized businesses (defined as employing between 50 – 2500 people) use on average 3-4 different HR applications, many of which are on-premise rather than cloud-based. Despite having been strategically adopted in the past, these disparate systems provide a challenge in terms of combining and correlating different HR datasets. The time taken to consolidate data from several systems onto one platform can prove time consuming and costly, not to mention lead to inefficiencies. Finding an all-in-one system may not be feasible but ensuring they can collaborate effectively is essential.

2. Lack of new functionality

The fees you’re paying to suppliers for annual maintenance aren’t reflected in the improvements they’re providing. The trend towards offering native cloud-based solutions as standard means that providers of traditional on-premise HR systems are tending to quietly “sunset” their older products. In many cases this means that the systems you’ve been struggling along, with are probably only getting enough attention to keep up with legal compliance changes, but no enhancements or updates are being provided. In addition to this, the resourcing costs of hosting and maintaining these on-premise systems is an unnecessary burden on your company finances.

3. Payroll is far too work-intensive

If you are managing a combination of different systems that store information on your workforce, such as hours and days worked, holidays taken and accrued, sick pay, pension contributions, etc. then payroll processing will be a challenge. Addressing any inaccuracies over how much a given colleague gets paid, not only proves time-consuming, but damages your employees’ opinion of the company.
Additionally there are the compliance requirements surrounding payroll processing. Without a modern, secure cloud-based system, it’s a juggling act that’s almost guaranteed to cause you difficulties. Your time could be invested more effectively in helping to create an environment in which good people can achieve their full potential.

4. Job vacancies take too long to fill

Recruitment and onboarding are two of the most important activities where HR can make a huge contribution to your company’s success and growth. If your recruitment process is onerous, with unwieldy approval processes and challenges in scheduling line-manager interviews, this is yet another sign that you’re working with the wrong tools and generating unnecessary operating costs.

5. You know it could be so much better than this

That nagging feeling that you could be making a far greater contribution to your company’s success if some of these roadblocks weren’t always in the way. It’s frustrating when you hear about other companies where these challenges seem to run more smoothly, where they have modern tools to get the job done. If only you didn’t have to spend so much time fighting fires, maybe you too could introduce changes that would make a real positive difference. If you only had the time.

If any of these signs set off alarm bells with you, then now is the time to take a serious look into what is available for companies of your size among the newer selection of cloud-based HR & Payroll systems. The cloud sector continues to grow at a tremendous rate and there are numerous compelling reasons for that. Don’t be left behind.

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